Ep 86 Catching up with the News Cycling Peloton

Craig and Stephanie interrupt their series of guest interviews to update listeners on news in the national security law and policy world. In this episode, they discuss their reaction to the first ever annual report of the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICoP), and summarize some of the key takeaways; circle back to the CSE threats to democratic processes update; address various social media speech and regulation issues that have been in the news lately; briefly update on the senate committee hearings in C-59; and update on an issue they didn’t know the answer to before: what is the security clearance and assessment process for Governor in Council appointments, like members of the NSICoP, as well as ministers? They have data! A note from the sponsors: We’ll likely hit 100 episodes before the end of this season. Then we’ll need to decide whether to press on for season 3. If the podcast is useful, tell your friends, and help us spread the word through an iTunes review.

Craig Forcese