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INTREPID is inspired by William Stephenson and powered by Big Academia. We began as a Podcast Called INTREPID in 2018, and decided in 2019 to include written content in a Blog Called INTREPID. Our purpose is build literacy in the area of Canadian law and policy. That does not mean that everyone will agree with every position we take. But we try to present informed perspectives, and also give those who work in Canada’s broader intelligence and security community an opportunity to talk about what it is they do, to the extent they can. INTREPID was founded by Stephanie Carvin and Craig Forcese, but now comprises a bigger family of “INTREPID alumi” and collaborators whose thinking, working and contributions is found in our podcasts and blog posts.


Stephanie Carvin

Assistant Professor, NPSIA, Carleton University. Former national security analyst. Researching war, technology, law & security.

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Craig Forcese

Professor at the University of Ottawa. National security, international, and public law.

National Security Law Blog


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