Ep 85 An INTREPID Podsight -- Stephane Perrault Chief Electoral Officer of Canada on Election Security

Stephanie and Craig were honoured to sit down with Stéphane Perrault, Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, to discuss elections security and the workings of Elections Canada in preparing for the 2019 election. We covered the role of the Chief Electoral Officer, how Elections Canada incorporates cyber- and election security into its task of delivering an election, the changes to Canada’s elections laws in bill C-76 as they relate to foreign influence and the role of social media in elections, the new Communications Security Establishment Cyber Centre update on electoral interference, and the respective (and separate) roles of the Chief Electoral Officer versus those of the newly announced Security and Intelligence Threats to Elections (SITE) Task Force and the Critical Election Incident Public Protocol. As we always try to do in our “podsights”, we also talked about Mr Perrault’s career, and advice for the students out there contemplating employment prospects. Thanks very much to Stéphane Perrault for coming on the show!

Craig Forcese