Ep 52 An Intermission of Headlines

Stephanie and Craig couldn’t record the week of September 24, so they put together a discussion of recent headlines in Canadian national security law and policy (admittedly, broadly defined), as of last week. They provide: a quick status update on the Abdelrazik and Peshdary court cases; talk about Facebook’s latest news integrity initiative; and the latest preoccupations with Chinese technology companies and Canada’s 5G plans. Then they wander into more political terrain (where they have no skill sets whatsoever, so caveat emptor): first, the recent “floor crossing” in the House of Commons and the Conservative shadow portfolio of “Global Security; and second, the Max Bernier “People’s Party” and how it might change their earlier speculation about foreign influence issues and the 2019 election. This podcast is an intermission between the more detailed “storytelling” approach to exploring the implications of Bill C-59, now being debated in the Senate. They began that in Episode 51 and will tell a new story in Ep 53 next week.

Craig Forcese