Ep 51 Talking Like a Pirate (and Terrorist) Day

Stephanie and Craig are back with two topics: piracy (for reasons we explain) and then our main topic, the “promotion and advocacy of terrorism offences in general” crime created by bill C-51. It’s up for modification in bill C-59, and as that bill is debated in Senate, expect all sorts of claims about whether the modifications are good, bad or indifferent. Some of these claims will be partisan, so we try to be clinical. We walk through a series of hypothetical “speech acts” and examine how each could trigger legal consequences, culminating in a discussion of what (if any) gap the C-51 speech crime fills. And also we talk about the related issue of terrorism propaganda. Warning: Our hypotheticals must, by necessity, be examples of bad speech. THEY ARE NOT OUR VIEWS. If listeners are interested in a more detailed discussion of terrorism speech crimes, the paper Craig mentions (coauthored with Kent Roach) is here: https://albertalawreview.com/index.php/ALR/article/view/280

Craig Forcese