Ep 68 What to our wondering eyes should appear ... more national security reports

We spend our pre-holidays reading, so you do not. It’s terrorism report day on A Podcast Called INTREPID. We circle back to the CSIS director’s speech two weeks ago to tease out the discussion on terrorism issues. Then we do a diagnostic of the 2018 Terrorism Threat to Canada report. We argue about it a little, nitpicking all the way, before talking about the “45 Day Report” on foreign fighters tabled by the government in the House of Commons, also last week. Then to keep things jolly, we dive into the new Canada Centre (against a lot of bad radicalization to violence things — it’s a long title) report on countering violent radicalization, but end with a discussion with Jessica Davis about the new, and unprecedented FINTRAC report on threat financing. This is our penultimate podcast for 2018. But we’ll be back with our “Christmas special” next week.

Craig Forcese