Ep 67 A Christmas Stocking of National Security Reports

And on the Twelfth Day of Christmas, our government gave to us…a whole whack of speeches, studies, reports, policy announcements in national security. In this episode we start plowing through them. Today, we talk about CSIS Director David Vigneault’s Toronto speech, https://www.canada.ca/en/security-intelligence-service/news/2018/12/remarks-by-director-david-vigneault-at-the-economic-club-of-canada.html. We also walk through some of the things we drew out of the CSE’s Canadian Centre for Cyber Security first cyber security threat assessment, https://cyber.gc.ca/en/guidance/national-cyber-threat-assessment-2018. Finally, we decided that while we’re on cyber, we’d go Down Under, for a first impression of the new Australian lawful access law, designed to compel some sort of solution to the communications encryption issue and the “Going Dark” dilemma.

Craig Forcese