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Proscribing Far Right Terrorism: Canada's new terrorist listing of two far right extremist groups

Last week Canada added five new groups to Canada’s terrorist entities list, but the big news was that two of these groups were far right terrorist groups. Why is this a big deal? Leah West walks through the implications of terrorist entity listing under Canada’s criminal law.

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CSIS's Viewpoint: The Long Awaited Public Report

Friday, the government tabled the CSIS Public Report in the House, on the last day of this Parliament. This is the formerly annual report the Service releases which provides a small window into how they see the threat environment. There is also often a small section on how a particular section of the Service operates – this year there is a very small section on the Intelligence Cycle and the “going dark” problem for example. However, for the purpose of this blog, I’m going to mainly stick to the threat environment discussion.

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National Security Transparency: The Problem of Secret Law

Last week, Leah West addressed delegates at the 6th Open Government Partnership Global Summit hosted by Canada in Ottawa. She was asked to participate on a panel hosted by Public Safety Canada entitled: National Security Transparency: Expert Perspectives along with Wesley Wark, Christopher Parsons and Veronica Kitchen. The following is a copy of Leah’s remarks on the subject of “secret law.”

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