Ep 96 Parsing Dissent

With three episodes left in season 2, Stephanie and Craig return with their last news roundup before breaking for August. Most of bill C-59 came into force this week (and the CSE Act will come into force on August 1). This podcast has the details of the provisions now in force. And CSIS was in the news twice this month: once in relation to a BC Civil Liberties Association complaint about alleged “spying” by CSIS implicating environmentalists; and more recently after the federal Conservative Party called on CSIS to invistigate Canada’s former ambassador to China, John McCallum, for media comments urging the Chinese to consider the implications of their actions for the election fortunes of the Liberal Party. Stephanie and Craig do their best to parse these issues, and the role of CSIS when at issue is lawful advocacy, protest and dissent.