Ep 88 Building Bridges Between Silos -- Bill C-59 and Information-Sharing

Stephanie and Craig are very pleased to welcome to the show Sophie Beecher, Director, Intelligence Policy, National Security Policy Directorate, Public Safety Canada. Sophie walks us through the Security of Canada Information Sharing Sharing Act (SCISA). SCISA was amongst the most controversial features of bill C-51 (2015), and in its current form has attracted criticism from civil society groups, academics and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. And yet, information-sharing on national security within the federal government is an obvious need, if national security objectives are to be met in an efficacious manner. How do we reconcile this security need with privacy? And what changes does C-59 add to revamp this balance? We get into the weeds with Sophie — just in time for Senate deliberations on C-59 where these exact questions have arisen. Thanks to Sophie for coming on the show and becoming an INTREPID alum!

Craig Forcese