Ep 78 Kafka and the No Fly List

“Someone must have had the same name as 5-year-old Joseph K., for without having done anything wrong he found himself on Canada’s No Fly List one fine morning.” There is a human face to national security law and policy. Stephanie and Craig are honoured to welcome to INTREPID three of the family members behind the grassroots “No Fly List Kids” campaign: Khadija Cajee; Heather Harder; and Zamir Khan. On INTREPID, we talk a lot about hard dilemmas. A no fly list that flags people sharing the same name as a listed person — including small children — and provides no redress system is not one of them. Instead, it reflects the legacy of bad administrative choices. We set out the legal and administrative history and then talk to the family members about their experiences, their efforts and their concerns — including over the fate of bill C-59, the bill that must pass to create the legal superstructure for fixing this Kafkaesque trainwreck.

Craig Forcese