Ep 74 An INTREPID Podcast Special Part 2 -- Detaining and Prosecuting 'Foreign Fighters'

In this second episode in the INTREPID “foreign fighter” special series, Stephanie and Craig focus on the legal issues. First, friend of the podcast, MGen (ret) Blaise Cathcart, Canada’s former Judge Advocate General, returns to the podcast from Nova Scotia to talk about the detention of Daesh fighters (and others associated with Daesh) by the Kurdish forces in Syria, and the application of the “law of armed conflict” (or “international humanitarian law”). Then Michael Nesbitt, from the University of Calgary law school, walks us through the various terrorism offences in the Canadian Criminal Code and how they might apply to the Canadians who return from Daesh. Thanks to Blaise and Michael for coming on board!

Craig Forcese