Ep 30 Beware State-Owned Enterprises Bearing Easter Eggs

Stephanie and Craig are back for their double-header this week, finally discussing investment, trade and national security. Oh, how obscure you might say! But this is where the bucks are being stopped. So we talk about the implications of foreign direct investment by state-owned enterprises from non-democratic states, and how the Investment Canada Act works in terms of "national security reviews" (to the extent we can peer through that glass, darkly). We then talk tariffs, trade, steel, aluminum, national security and Trump. Yes, he can slap on those tariffs. And yes, it's another nail in the coffin of the open, post-war trading system (or so it risks becoming): it norm-busts on power that has been governed by restraint, not law.  This is our 30th episode and so if this were Logan's Run, we'd have to kill-off this podcast. We still have wind in the sails, but if the pod is useful, don't forget to tell us on iTunes reviews. Our best for the long weekend.

Craig Forcese