Ep 23 London Calling - A Podsight with the UK's Former Independent Reviewer of Antiterrorism Laws

Stephanie and Craig continue their "podsight" series with a conversation with David Anderson QC, the United Kingdom's independent review of antiterrorism law (2011-2017). David describes the role of his office -- and how it grew and affected both legislative and operational reform in the United Kingdom in the area of national security. The United Kingdom confronts many of the same dilemmas as Canada -- and David's insight into both the process and substance of national security law and policy sets the gold standard for evidence-based independent assessments on these matters. Topics covered in our podsight include, among others: the policy-process in national security; the role of parliamentary national security committee of parliamentarians; intercept authorities and surveillance; citizenship revocation; assurances against torture; and (it almost goes without saying) the relationship between police and intelligence services and intelligence-to-evidence.

Craig Forcese