Ep 64 L'Affaire Atwal and the NSICoP Report

Well, the first report of the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians is out. It’s on the politically contentious issue of “how did a person with a serious Canadian criminal record of political violence get into a diplomatic reception during the PM’s Indian visit” earlier this year. And assorted other issues, including whether there was foreign interference and whether the National Security and Intelligence Advisor should have briefed the media on the latter. Stephanie and Craig agree that (1) the report exists and (2) it is fifty pages long. That’s about it. Proving why we will never do a live recording, we were able to edit out about 10 minutes of “yes”, “no”, and “what about para X”, and “but there is also para Y”. This redacted version of the podcast preserves, however, our essential differences. Also, Carvin is an easy grader (can you tell who handles the tech and posting?)

Craig Forcese