Ep 60 A Jack-o-Lantern of Anti-Terrorism Theatre and Geo Cyber

The headlines have kept Craig and Stephanie on their toes. In this episode, they catch up with things that have caught their eye in the world of national security law and policy. On deck, among other things: The Ford Government’s “Terrorist Activities Sanctions Act” (probably best called the “Populist Chest-Beating Act which Will Do the Opposite of What is Intended”); progress on bill C-76 (the amendments of the Canada Elections Act that, among other things, focuses on election security); the question of whether Canada should follow the US in charging state-actors for state-sponsored hacking; and a bevy of cyber-policy developments. This is a full episode with a treat for everyone (and a very old, stale Joe Louis we found in the attic for the Ford government’s first foray into national security-related law). (We’ve corrected a premature upload with a missing edit — sorry for the glitch in the first minute or so for those who downloaded this within 2 minutes of posting! Our technical team has been fired.)

Craig Forcese