Ep 55 A Whole WADA Spying

Ok, it is getting hard to keep up. So Stephanie and Craig are working on a couple of update podcasts. In this one, we go over last week’s astonishing spy caper, involving coordinated responses by European and North American authorities to more coordinated Russian hacking/espionage activities. We look at the Canadian angle, which reportedly included an attempted cyber penetration of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), headquartered in Montreal. We also discuss the bizarre story out of Bloomberg about an apparent Chinese hardware spy hack of critical US computer systems, and the Globe and Mail’s story of a puzzling meeting held by US intelligence officials criticizing Canada’s capacity to protect against Chinese…tech hacks. And a final word on a Toronto Star report about CSE briefing provinces on electoral interference. Craig and Stephanie are back very soon with INTREPID friends on other major topics in the world of national security law and policy.

Craig Forcese