Ep 20 People extradited out, People entrapped in, Ball of Confusion

Stephanie and Craig are back with Episode 20. Today, the Intrepid crew say a few words about the CSIS megatrends report that CP acquired through Access to Information Act, before launching into a discussion of the arduous (and doubtful) trials of Dr Hassan Diab -- and specifically, the French terrorism judicial process and the problems with Canada's extradition law. (The news is breaking as this is posted that Dr Diab has now returned to Canada).  They also turn to another difficult case: the Crown's appeal in Korody and Nuttall (the "Canada Day" or "Victoria legislature" bomb plot). This is Canada's one and only case in which a trial court concluded the police entrapped a terrorism accused. Discussion of this matter produces a vigorous exchange of views about the merits of the entrapment finding. But Stephanie and Craig are still on speaking terms and back next week.

Craig Forcese