Ep 12 The SCISA is the Limit (on Information-Sharing)

In this episode, Stephanie and Craig return to bill C-59 (almost through!).  Their focus is on the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act -- a product of bill C-51, designed (controversially) to facilitate internal government information sharing of information tied to broad concept of activities that "undermine the security of Canada".  The Intrepid crew talk about the need for information sharing in national security, the countervailing privacy issues, the controversies over C-51's SCISA and then what bill C-59 will do to it. Then, because it is starting to come up again, they circle back for a slightly longer discussion of a matter raised in episode 6: the proposed new way in which CSIS can collect and retain "datasets" of information broader than information strictly necessary for the purpose of investigating a threat to the security of Canada.  This is a pretty technical pod involving detailed discussions of statutory language. But the devil is always in the details.

Craig Forcese