Ep 10 The first thing we do, let's disrupt all the lawyers

A Podcast Called Intrepid reaches double-digits with Episode 10, on the C-59 reforms to CSIS threat reduction powers and a new surprise addition: CSIS immunity provisions for intelligence collection activities. Threat reduction (aka disruption) was a headline act in the infamous bill C-51 (2015) -- and Craig proves he cannot talk about this topic without launching into a full-scale rant. But C-59 pares away some of the excess and puts threat reduction on (at least a more) constitutional footing. Still, the scope of that threat reduction raises important policy issues, which Craig and Stephanie discuss. They then look at the complicated new regime for immunizing CSIS breaches of the law while CSIS is engaged in intelligence gathering. This is a different issue than threat reduction. The policy dilemmas in both areas are rich -- the Intrepid crew try to identify them, appreciating that there will a variety of opinions on many. Mostly because Craig is in full-flight, we grossly exceed the usual length of the podcast (sorry). Meanwhile, Stephanie gets an above-the-call-of-duty badge for repressing a bad chest cold and taking our 10th turn at Intrepid Studios.

Craig Forcese